Deep within the malls and retail stores of Accra, Ghana lies a hidden treasure known as Scent of Africa.  It can be found right next to Gucci Guilty and Polo Red in the cologne and perfume section of select retailers, but what is the story behind it?  And more importantly – why have you never heard of it before?  I’m about to tell you, my dear friends, and also offer you a chance to get one for yourself.

Even if you flew to Ghana tomorrow and roamed the Accra Mall for the sole purpose of buying perfume, you would still find mostly American and European designer names that you know.  The hidden gem, though, is a bottle in the shape of the continent – aptly named “Scent of Africa.”  The silver bottle is cologne for men and the gold bottle is perfume for women, but the design itself is unmistakable.  A quick Google search will turn up everything you need to know:  positive reviews by major magazines, a Facebook fan page with over 15,000 likes, and even a recap of their high-end launch party in Accra.

As you read on, it becomes more apparent why this product is on the shelf right next to Gucci and Polo:  it’s technically produced in France by Ghandour Cosmetics Ltd; but is still purely Ghanaian by design, and available exclusively in West Africa.  “Scent of Africa” is the ‘for us, by us’ product of the region – complete with billboards along the highways and afro-centric fashion models representing the brand.

So why should you buy a bottle from the Passport Mafia, you ask?  Here are four awesome reasons, as if you even really need more than one:

1)  IT’S EXCLUSIVE.  You won’t find this for sale or on the shelf in any American retailers, so you will have something that others don’t have.  If you’re anything like DJ A.K. VYBZ, you crave and appreciate the exclusives – from sunglasses to gold necklaces, A.K. always wants to rock something that leaves people saying “YO!  WHERE the HELL did you get that!?”  Scent of Africa is exactly that, in the cologne world.  Unless a person is going to Ghana or Nigeria and already knows what to look for – they won’t be able to get this.

2)  IT SUPPORTS GHANA DIRECTLY.  When you buy this here, you know and understand that I bought it there.  This stuff was purchased directly at the source, supporting the local retailers in Accra AND the West African region overall (since they distribute across a number of countries in Africa).  I infused my American dollars directly into their African pockets.  This is – literally – supporting the branding and economy of Ghana specifically and Africa overall.

3)  IT SUPPORTS THE PASSPORT MAFIA.  Not everybody wants to apply for a Ghanaian tourist visa, fly halfway across the world and deal with traffic in Accra.  But DJ A.K. VYBZ does!  A.K. and other Passport Mafia members already take these trips, on their own dime, to provide you with the information, entertainment, and products seen in our blog.  In buying this from us, you’re helping to bankroll our next adventure because – as you know – traveling is not free!  Your support is appreciated, and the money trickles downstream.  We are able to make a few dollars, the retailers over there are able to make a few dollars, and you get an awesome product without having to fly to Africa to retrieve it personally.  Everybody wins.

4)  IT’S AN AWESOME SCENT!  Above all else – it smells great!  Who doesn’t love an awesome fragrance?!

To own a piece of Ghana by way of SCENT OF AFRICA, check out our eBay store HERE.  You can see what we still have available, make your selection, and have it shipped to wherever you are with standard eBay and PayPal buying protection.