AK Vybz

DJ A.K. VYBZ, or simply A.K. for short, is a renaissance man who balances his love for music with his love of traveling.  Both passions emerged as a college student at Temple University in Philadelphia around 2007; but he has made more noise in 10 years than most people do in 20 or 30.

Since his 21st birthday, he has slowly but surely crafted a lifestyle around DJing and exploring the world – usually at the same time!  He has rocked the turntables at parties from Jamaica to Jordan; and has managed to visit some of the most obscure locations on the globe such as the island nation of Sao Tome and the post-Soviet frozen conflict zone known as Transnistria.  In less than a decade, he has visited over 40 countries and has no intention of slowing down!

As he approaches his 31st birthday, he has joined forces with like-minded friends to showcase his adventures via The Passport Mafia.  As for his posts:  you can expect equal parts information and entertainment… with a slight hint of debauchery!

A.K. currently resides in Miami, and still DJs locally in between his overseas travels.  Keep up with him on social media:

Rico Sanchez

Even though he’s referred to as the Politician in various nightlife circles we here at Passport Mafia know him as Rico Sánchez, the excentric and at times street theorist who captivates a room from time to time. From residencies in the middle-east to rocking venues in the mega clubs of Bollywood, this DJ has experienced the funniest mishaps and life memorable circumstances that will shed some light on what it takes to become an élite member of the Passport Mafia.

DJ Frogie

DJ Frogie aka El Jefe has been traveling internationally for over 10 years and has touched down on 3 different continents. Hes a full time DJ and music engineer but makes time to see other parts of the world at least 5 times a year.

Moto: “If its a priority you’ll make a way, if not youll make an excuse”